Exploring the Performing Arts Scene in St. Louis, Missouri

Explore the vibrant performing arts scene in St. Louis Missouri! From Broadway shows to classical music there is something for everyone to enjoy! Check out our list of venues offering quality art & entertainment.

Exploring the Performing Arts Scene in St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri is a vibrant city with a thriving performing arts scene. From Broadway shows to classical music, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're looking for a night out at the theater or a family-friendly show, St.

Louis has it all. The Touhill Performing Arts Center, Fox Theatre, Stifel Theater, Edison Theater, Sheldon Concert Hall, Kranzberg Arts Center, Robert G. Reim Theater, The Muny, Shakespeare Festival in St. Louis, Museum of Contemporary Religious Art (MOCRA), Saint Louis Zoo, Saint Louis Union Station, Saint Louis Science Center, breweries, restaurants, Eureka, Maryland Heights, Laclede's Landing, COCA and Stray Dog Theatre are just some of the venues that offer quality art and entertainment from across the spectrum of performing arts genres. The Touhill Performing Arts Center is one of the most impressive performance venues in the country.

It offers concerts, plays, musicals, dance shows and much more. Immerse yourself in opera theater or meet classical and modern playwrights. The Fox Theatre is another great venue for Broadway shows and special concerts and dance performances all year round. The ornate 1929 theater has a Siamese-Byzantine design. The Stifel Theater is a recently renovated theater with seating for 3100 people in the center of St.

Louis. It hosts a variety of events including plays, concerts, family shows and Christmas productions. The Edison Theater is home to the St. Louis Black Repertory Company which presents drama, comedy and music told from an African-American perspective. The Sheldon Concert Hall has perfect acoustics and presents jazz, folk and chamber music all year round.

The great American songbook is performed by artists such as Steve Ross and Michael Feinstein during the annual performances of the Cabaret series at the Kranzberg Arts Center. The Robert G. Reim Theater at the Kirkwood Civic Center is home to St. Louis' leading non-profit theater company which has been producing Broadway-quality plays for more than 30 years. Nearly 150 shows are offered every season from May to October. The Muny is an outdoor theater in Forest Park which presents seven weeks of American musicals under the stars every summer.

It is the largest outdoor theater in the United States and offers more than 12000 seats for classic shows such as “Meet Me in St. Louis” and “Camelot”.The Shakespeare Festival in St. Louis brings The Bard's works to Forest Park every year with free outdoor performances every night except Tuesday from late May to mid-June. It begins with a traditional English green show with songs, dances and a synopsis of the night's children's play. The Museum of Contemporary Religious Art (MOCRA) at Saint Louis University is committed to peaceful interfaith dialogue and showcases a world-renowned art collection that spans 5000 years and diverse cultures from around the world. The Saint Louis Zoo offers visitors a chance to get up close and personal with furry, flying and fish tank creatures.

It is one of the city's many free attractions. St. Louis has no shortage of unique places to shop with vintage-inspired clothing stores, modern furniture stores and locally made crafts stores. Eureka is a popular vacation home for St. Louis residents with its small-town charm and specialty stores. North St. Louis offers visitors water parks or historic treasures, golf routes or bicycles. Maryland Heights is at the center of everything in St.

Louis with its 3500 hotel rooms offering fun activities for adults or for the whole family. Laclede's Landing combines affluent city living with strolls along the riverbank and attractions such as specialty stores and restaurants. The Missouri Circus Arts Foundation expands and deepens the appreciation of performing arts in St. Louis through innovative performances and educational programs using classic circus skills. Stray Dog Theatre (SDT) unleashes art through theater and community service in Saint Louis and its surrounding areas.