Exploring the Best Cultural Attractions in St. Louis, Missouri

Discover all that St. Louis has to offer with its majestic Gateway Arch to Saint Louis Zoo & Forest Park! Learn about Busch Stadium & Museum of Contemporary Art.

Exploring the Best Cultural Attractions in St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri is a vibrant cultural center full of must-see museums, fascinating art, moving music, and delicious food. With its miles of beautiful trails, parks, and waterways, it's a natural choice for outdoor adventurers. From the majestic Gateway Arch to the Saint Louis Zoo and Forest Park, there's something for everyone in this Gateway City. The Gateway Arch-Jefferson National Expansion Memorial is located on the St Louis Riverfront.

It is the tallest man-made monument in the United States and attracts more than four million visitors every year. You can take a walk to the top and enjoy an incredible view of San Luis and its river. The Saint Louis Zoo is home to more than 16,000 residents of furry, fishing and flying species. Get up close and be captivated by fascinating species that range from polar bears to penguins, lions and lemurs. The Forest Park, home of the legendary 1904 World's Fair, spans 1,300 acres and offers outdoor enthusiasts enough space to move around. It's even bigger than New York's Central Park!The Saint Louis Science Center focuses on immersive experiences.

Experience a virtual underwater odyssey, research the laws of physics in incredible live scientific demonstrations, or explore the night sky at the Planetarium, the largest artificial sky in the Western Hemisphere. The Saint Louis Art Museum exhibits 33,000 works of art spanning 5,000 years and multiple genres. This impressive three-story collection features paintings, cultural artifacts, sculptures, and ancient masterpieces from around the world. At the Anheuser-Busch Street, you can learn about the history of baseball from the days of the Browns to today's Cardinals. See Lindbergh's “Spirit of Saint Louis” sister plane and enjoy fascinating performances of the 1904 World's Fair. You can also get a first-hand experience of A-B's brewing experience in unique batches and visit the enormous Budweiser Clydesdales. Take a ride on Gateway Arch National Park.

Reaching a height of 200 feet, you'll be amazed by the incredible panoramic views of St. Louis. Fly above the historic Union Station train shed and enjoy the city's beautiful architecture. Sports fans can't miss Busch Stadium. Once known as “the first to drink alcohol, the last in the American League” St.

Louis has undergone a winning transformation. This baseball venue is now home to the beloved St. Louis Cardinals. For an artistic touch, head to City Garden sculpture park. This unique urban oasis showcases modern and contemporary art, native plants, fountains and rain gardens.

Campbell House Museum

, located in Lucas Place neighborhood has been meticulously restored to restore it to its Victorian heyday.

Step back in time as you explore its incredible collection of original furniture, paintings, clothing and accessories.

Museum of Contemporary Art in St. Louis

, located in Midtown is the city's main contemporary art museum. This little jewel of space presents intimate environments and avant-garde works. For most travelers, the best accommodation options in St. Louis are located in Downtown West and Midtown. St.

Louis enjoys a mix of continental and subtropical climates with four different seasons - winter is the driest season with snowfall while spring is the rainy season when tornados are sometimes present due to its topography which lacks mountain ranges or bodies of water.