11 Best Neighborhoods to Live in St. Louis, Missouri

Are you ready to move to Show-Me State? Here are 11 best neighborhoods in St Louis for you explore - Soulard, Lafayette Square, Shaw, Central West End, Debaliviere Place, Grand Center, Webster Groves & Lindenwood Park.

11 Best Neighborhoods to Live in St. Louis, Missouri

Located along the Mississippi River, St. Louis is known for its 630-foot Gateway Arch, built in the 1960s in honor of the Lewis and Clark expedition to the West. Nicknamed the 'Gate to the West', St. Louis is home to a plethora of attractions, from craft breweries and historic neighborhoods to a vibrant arts and nightlife scene.

Are you ready to move to the Show-Me State? Here are the 11 best neighborhoods in St. Louis for you to explore. The eclectic Soulard neighborhood is one of the most diverse and lively areas in the city. This walkable area offers a mix of architecture, modern apartment complexes and lofts converted into condos.

You'll never be far from dozens of restaurants, bars and cafes. Soulard is also home to the retro Busch Stadium baseball stadium and the Gateway Arch. For live music, the Dome at America's Center stadium hosts concerts and sports events. Ballpark Village draws locals and visitors alike to trendy bars and dance clubs that stay open until 3am.

Dinner and a show are the attractions of the 42-acre Westport Plaza entertainment district. The cozy Lafayette Square neighborhood is a small but iconic historic area. The exclusive area has 30 acres of greenery, an urban landscape and elegant restaurants and lounges. Free concerts entertain locals from pristine Lafayette Park, surrounded by Victorian homes and wine bars. Tenants will find plenty of shops and craft beers along Park Avenue.

The close proximity to downtown St. Louis makes Lafayette Square incredibly convenient - you're just three blocks south of the city center and 1.4 miles from the Gateway Arch, an ideal location for young professionals looking to live in the city and enjoy top-notch amenities.


is a paradise for blues and music lovers alike. It's full of bars, quiet pizzerias, restaurants and markets. The St.

Louis neighborhood is also home to the Anheuser-Busch brewery, which offers guided tours. Soulard also hosts its own lively Mardi Gras parade, where visitors show up in droves.


is located along tree-lined streets with Victorian houses and is home to Tower Grove Park, which has a pond, a farmers market and a historic palm house. For more green space, the Missouri Botanical Garden hosts international gardens. Shaw is also a local historic district whose structures and character are protected by city ordinances - despite these protections, the neighborhood is experiencing renewal and growth.

Central West End

is known for its mixed-use buildings, lively character and live music.

Louis neighborhood is known for its accessibility on foot, with everything from art galleries to bookstores. The jewel in the crown of Central West End is nearby Forest Park, with lakes, forests and attractions such as St. Louis' Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis - 20th century mosaics cover its walls and attract tourists seeking culture and inspiration.

Debaliviere Place

is fertile ground for tenants with exclusive, renovated apartments and spacious condos - you'll also find single-family homes for rent and apartments in old skyscrapers along Union Boulevard.

Louis makes this neighborhood ideal for college students attending Washington University - it's also conveniently located next to Forest Park and Central West End so you can enjoy all that St. Louis has to offer.

Grand Center 

a vibrant district that offers both experiential and popular performances, is home to artists and culture lovers alike. Grand Central is home to the Fabulous Fox Theater, with musicals and comedy shows, as well as Powell Hall - a former vaudeville house where St. Louis Symphony plays from its stage.

First Friday's art walks draw locals to visit galleries, have cocktails and be entertained live.

Webster Groves 

listed as one of Missouri's best creative communities, is home to eclectic local restaurants and trendy boutiques - it's also perfect for Webster University students or theater lovers who frequent Repertory Theatre of St. Louis.

Lindenwood Park 

arguably one of the safest neighborhoods in all of St. Louis, is a great place for families looking to move to the city - the neighborhood of Lindenwood Park itself is ideal for family outdoor trips, with plenty of restaurants nearby offering delicious dinners after hitting the trails or taking your family out for dessert at Murray's Shaved Ice.

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