Is Living in St. Louis, Missouri Safe?

Learn about safety & security in St. Louis Missouri. Find out how St. Louis ranks among 182 American cities according to WalletHub's report.

Is Living in St. Louis, Missouri Safe?

When it comes to safety, St. Louis is no different than any other urban area. The most common violent crime is assault, which accounts for approximately 74% of all total violent crimes. Over the past decade, the rate of violent crime in St.

Louis has declined by nearly 50 percent. It is important to note that most criminal activities occur in a handful of blocks, which represent the majority of violent crime. The Metropolitan Police Department of St. Louis is taking proactive steps to patrol and respond in these areas, using new and innovative strategies, tactics and technology to keep local citizens and visitors safe. While working to keep the entire city safe, the police are focusing on reducing crime in these problem areas of our community. Recently, St.

Louis was ranked as the most dangerous city in the United States in a new study due to high crime rates and hazards such as natural disasters and car accidents. According to a WalletHub report that compared the security of 182 American cities, St. Louis ranked last due to its high rate of attacks and other problems. The city has experienced several unrests in recent years, including devastating flash floods, a probable serial killer and decades of disturbing allegations of police assault. WalletHub compared cities in terms of home and community safety metrics, natural disaster risk, and financial security.

The three metrics included a total of 42 subcategories, including hate crimes, unemployment, risk of natural disasters, and even vaccination rates. Surprisingly, New York City scored better than 55 other cities. Rounding out the five safest locations were Nashua, New Hampshire; Laredo, Texas; Portland, Maine and Warwick, Rhode Island. Clifton Heights is one of the most beautiful and iconic communities in the city; however, it is also one of the least secure communities in the United States according to WalletHub's report. St. Louis' aggregate score in Home & Community Safety, Natural Disaster Risk, and Financial Security placed it at the bottom of the list of 182 cities in the United States.